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Getting you started on Yahoo/UP Garage Japan


There are some amazing things you can find on Yahoo Japan or Up Garage and we often spend hours just browsing the vast array of used parts. Real bargains can be had, if you know how to find them! This is a guide on how to find your way around Yahoo and UP Garage and how we can help you once you've found something you like :) It's quite long, but I hope it is informative.

NOTE: Before you start, get Google Chrome. It translates (as best as possible) when you go to the pages. Alternatively, if you don't want to get that perhaps other browsers have translation tools in them; I'm not sure.



Yahoo Auctions Japan
Yahoo Auctions basically like Trademe for Japan. For parts you will want to start right here. If you have Chrome it will translate automatically (or ask you to translate). From here it's relatively simple to navigate. The categories are down the left and search box at the top. NOTE: If you want to search by chassis number this is ok however if you try to search for parts using english ie "Strut Bar" you will not find much. You'd need to translate it into Japanese first.

A comparison of Japanese vs English translation for the search/category results. It's pretty self explanatory. The two prices, one is buy now and one is current bid - one in bold is the current bid. Time remaining, how many bids etc.

A comparison of Japanese vs English translation for the product view. Also relatively self explanatory. The shopping trolley means it has a buy now. It pays to note you can do a buy now even if people are bidding already. Trader info etc is there as well.

On the left of the search results you can narrow down your results using the above options. Also as you drill down through the different categories different results may show.

I did this one so you can see when reserve has not been met. You see how this one does not have a shopping trolley icon but it has a hammer instead and red writing. The red basically says reserve not yet met, just something to keep an eye on.

That's basically it for browsing. Once you have found something you are interested in email The more time before the auction closes the better as we need to get in touch with our Japanese team to confirm all pricing etc.

- If buy now is not available (or you choose not to use it) we also need your maximum bid excluding shipping.
- Be aware of the cost involved in shipping, fees, taxes and internal transport. Finding a Bride seat for 5k is a sweet deal but unrealistic to think you will get it to NZ for that price; just keep it in mind.
- Once we have quoted and you are happy with the price we will receive the payment from you and place the bid/win the auction for you.

Commonly Used Yahoo Links:

Wheels/Tyres - Click Here
Suspension - Click Here
Exhaust - Click Here
Aero - Click Here
Lights - Click Here
Brakes - Click Here

UP Garage
UP Garage is a bit different to Yahoo in that there are no auctions, it's simply like an online store for used parts. This one you really need Chrome or to know Japanese as it can be difficult to navigate at first.

To get started you will want to go here!.

This is the main splash page for the buying area. You don't need to really take any notice of much on here except the table in the middle. Each one of those little squares with writing takes you to another category. Obviously it can't translate because it's all in images however once you click on one of those it will translate like below -

You can see how the top translates and you can select from the first drop down box different categories. Allowing you to drill down. The bottom part of the image shows the general layout, similar to Yahoo but you see there is no buy now or current price, it's all buy now.

This is the main layout of the product page. Images displayed in the middle, price on the right and notes at the bottom. Sometimes the notes are quite brief so take as much from the images as you can.

As with Yahoo, once you have found products you are interested in get in touch and we will quote final pricing. Unlike Yahoo there isn't the rush to get a bid in before the auction ends but obviously once it's sold it's sold.

Have fun wasting hours of your time on there looking at various things and be sure email for any quotes or questions; happy to assist in any way we can.