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Perrin Rear Motor Mount Inserts - Honda Civic FK8 Type R

Quick Overview

Part Number: PHP-DRV-101

Availability: USA Stock OK - ETA 2 Weeks



PERRIN polyurethane inserts reinforce the OEM rear motor mount rubber bushings to reduce wheel hop and increase performance. PERRIN inserts may increase NVH (noise, vibration, harshness), but the improvement to overall performance is worth it.

The PERRIN Rear Motor Mount insert controls the movement of the drivetrain both on and off throttle giving the driver a more positive feel and literally putting more power to the wheels by eliminating lost energy.

Polyurethane provides enough vibration absorption for daily driving while giving the driver a feeling of a firmly connected engine and chassis.

Reinforces the OEM rear motor mount rubber bushings
May increase NVH, but the improvement to performance is worth it
Controls drivetrain movement on and off throttle, giving a more positive feel
Puts more power to the wheels by eliminating lost energy
Polyurethane absorbs vibration while giving a sense of connected engine and chassis

Additional Information

Make/Model Honda Civic 2017, Honda Civic 2018, Honda Civic 2019, Honda Civic 2020, Honda Civic 2021