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Yellow Speed Dynamic Pro Sports Coilovers - Nissan

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Yellow Speed Dynamic Pro Sports Coilover - Nissan

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DYNAMIC PRO SPORT coilovers are designed and developed for all motoring enthusiasts wanting excellent handling without sacrificing comfort. This suspension system features 33-way adjustable dampening settings and full length adjustment to meet every driver’s handling desires. Pillowball (if specified) mounts and adjustable camber plates (if applicable) are included for front and rear on most kits to increase steering response, while aluminum upper mounts with hardened rubber bushings are used on some applications for noise reduction. This suspension system is ideal for daily driving and occasional track use.

High quality components are adopted to ensure product durability and stability. Each application is fully test fit and completely road tested to guarantee all our customers perfect performance and comfort.

This suspension system features 33-way dampening force adjustment (compression/ rebound). A wide range of dampening adjustments can be made to provide a variety of responses to different road conditions and to tune the ride feel.

15 month limited warranty on insert

The needle valve piston (material imported from Sweden) is utilized to make the steering more agile and to stabilize the vehicle. A high rigidity 52mm shock body with extra oil capacity enables the cushioning force to have optimal linear change. We use highly reputable seal brand – NOK, whose seals can withstand high temperatures and prevent oil leakage. The piston rod is made from high quality S45C steel and is processed with Thermal Refining and High-frequency Induction Hardening Treatments for rigidity and durability. YELLOW SPEED’s commitment is to ensure safety and to provide high quality products, hence the shock stroke movement has been tested 10 million times on advanced testing equipment; this amount of testing is equal to a vehicle with 5-years of mileage. Each component of the suspension system is rigorously inspected and strictly tested by YELLOW SPEED to avoid any failure. Our commitment to continual driving improvement goes beyond words.

A steel lower bracket is utilized for MacPherson strut type to increase rigidity for safety (where applicable). For some MacPherson strut models, the brake line bracket is welded manually perfectly to the steel lower mount. A high quality forged alloy aluminum lower bracket is used for Double-A Arm strut type (where applicable). The steel/aluminum lower bracket is processed with electroplated/ anodized surface treatment to prevent corrosion or rust in the harsh conditions of motor sport. The vehicle ride height can be adjusted easily with the lower bracket by winding up and down to drop and raise. With the lower bracket, it allows maximum suspension travel without affecting the shock stroke.

It is made from forged 6061 aluminum for increased strength and rigidity.

Our formula damping oil contains high quality deformer to prevent foaming, and the viscosity remains unchanged under any working temperature conditions to ensure that all internal components perform perfectly.

300ZX Z32 90-96
350Z Z33 03-08 Rr shock & spring separate
350Z Z33 03-08 Rr shock & spring in one unit
370Z Z34 09-up except convertible; Rr shock & spring separate
370Z Z34 09-up except convertible;Rr shock & spring in one unit
ALTIMA U13 93-97 2wd/ 4wd
ALTIMA 07-12 Rr shock & spring in one unit
CEFIRO A31 88-94
CEFIRO A32 95-98
CEFIRO A33 99-03
DATSUN 240Z 70-73 welding required for installation; OEM front strut dia. 51mm
DATSUN 240Z 70-73 welding required for installation; OEM front strut dia. 55mm
GT-R R35 08-up
LIVINA 06-up
MARCH K11 92-03 Micra
MAXIMA A34 04-08
MAXIMA A35 09-14 Rr shock & spring in one unit
MAXIMA A36 15-up Rr shock & spring in one unit
MURANO 02-07 2wd
MURANO 09-14 2wd
PRIMERA P10 92-96
PRIMERA P11 96-02 UKDM; check for availability
PRIMERA P11 97-00 GT; check for availability
PULSAR/SUNNY N14 91-94 2wd
PULSAR/SUNNY GTI-R N14 91-94 4wd
PULSAR  N14 SSS 91-94
PULSAR N15 95-00
PULSAR GTI N15 95-00
PULSAR N15 SSS 95-00 5-door hatch (Australian model)
SENTRA B13 90-94
SENTRA B14 95-99
SENTRA B15 00-06
SENTRA B17 13-up
SILVIA S13 89-94
SILVIA S14 95-98
SILVIA S15 98-00
SKYLINE GTS R32 89-94 2wd
SKYLINE GT-R BNR32 89-94 4wd
SKYLINE GTS R33 95-98 2wd
SKYLINE GT-R BCNR33 95-98 4wd
SKYLINE R34 99-02 2wd (Rr EYE type)
SKYLINE R34 99-02 2wd (Rr FORK type)
SKYLINE BNR34 99-02 4wd
SKYLINE V35 01-06 coupe/sedan, 2wd,Rr shock & spring separate
SKYLINE V35 01-06 coupe/sedan, 2wd,Rr shock & spring in one unit
TEANA J31 03-08 4cyl; Rr shock & spring in one unit
TEANA J31 03-08 6cyl; Rr shock & spring in one unit
TEANA J32 09-13 4cyl; Rr shock & spring in one unit
TEANA J32 09-13 6cyl; Rr shock & spring in one unit
TIIDA C11 06-10
TIIDA C12 11-up

Please allow up 8-10 working days for delivery.

Additional Information

Make/Model Nissan 180SX 1989, Nissan 180SX 1990, Nissan 180SX 1991, Nissan 180SX 1992, Nissan 180SX 1993, Nissan 180SX 1994, Nissan 180SX 1995, Nissan 180SX 1996, Nissan 180SX 1997, Nissan 180SX 1998, Nissan 300ZX 1989, Nissan 300ZX 1990, Nissan 300ZX 1991, Nissan 300ZX 1992, Nissan 300ZX 1993, Nissan 300ZX 1994, Nissan 300ZX 1995, Nissan 300ZX 1996, Nissan 300ZX 1997, Nissan 300ZX 1998, Nissan 300ZX 1999, Nissan 300ZX 2000, Nissan 300ZX 2001, Nissan 300ZX 2002, Nissan 350Z 2002, Nissan 350Z 2003, Nissan 350Z 2004, Nissan 350Z 2005, Nissan 350Z 2006, Nissan 350Z 2007, Nissan 350Z 2008, Nissan 350Z 2009, Nissan 370Z 2009, Nissan 370Z 2010, Nissan 370Z 2011, Nissan 370Z 2012, Nissan 370Z 2013, Nissan 370Z 2014, Nissan 370Z 2015, Nissan 370Z 2016, Nissan 370Z 2017, Nissan 370Z 2018, Nissan Cefiro 1988, Nissan Cefiro 1989, Nissan Cefiro 1990, Nissan Cefiro 1991, Nissan Cefiro 1992, Nissan Cefiro 1993, Nissan Cefiro 1994, Nissan GT-R 2007, Nissan GT-R 2008, Nissan GT-R 2009, Nissan GT-R 2010, Nissan GT-R 2011, Nissan GT-R 2012, Nissan GT-R 2013, Nissan GT-R 2014, Nissan GT-R 2015, Nissan GT-R 2016, Nissan GT-R 2017, Nissan Laurel 1989, Nissan Laurel 1990, Nissan Laurel 1991, Nissan Laurel 1992, Nissan Laurel 1993, Nissan Silvia 1989, Nissan Silvia 1990, Nissan Silvia 1991, Nissan Silvia 1992, Nissan Silvia 1993, Nissan Silvia 1994, Nissan Silvia 1995, Nissan Silvia 1996, Nissan Silvia 1997, Nissan Silvia 1998, Nissan Silvia 1999, Nissan Silvia 2000, Nissan Silvia 2001, Nissan Silvia 2002, Nissan Skyline 1989, Nissan Skyline 1990, Nissan Skyline 1991, Nissan Skyline 1992, Nissan Skyline 1993, Nissan Skyline 1994, Nissan Skyline 1995, Nissan Skyline 1996, Nissan Skyline 1997, Nissan Skyline 1998, Nissan Skyline 1999, Nissan Skyline 2000, Nissan Skyline 2001, Nissan Skyline 2002, Nissan Skyline 2003, Nissan Skyline 2004, Nissan Skyline 2005, Nissan Skyline 2006, Nissan Skyline 2007, Nissan Stagea 1997, Nissan Stagea 1998, Nissan Stagea 1999, Nissan Stagea 2000, Nissan Stagea 2001
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